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Are you looking for a home that is all your own? Get the help that you need to build a brand new home to your exact specifications with Commodore Homes. You will be matched with an independent builder, who will sit with you and go over exact what you want. You deserve a custom home, and you can get what you want with Commodore Homes.

- A beautifully customized home

- An independent builder to collaborate with

- Better value for your money

- Inspection at all stages

- A controlled building environment


One of the perks of working with Commodre Homes is being able to design your own home right down to the small details. Come to the table with your own unique ideas and necessary fixtures to get the home that you have always wanted.

From Commodre you get:

Design your dream

Commodore homes are built inside, in a controlled environment, and then constructed at your site. This allows us to control your building materials and keep them safe and out of harm’s way. Once your home has arrived, it will be completed on your home site.


Commodore Homes of Indiana Website


See Commodore's updated brochures:


Grandville 2017


Grandville Ultra 2017


Epic Bundle


Grandville Limited 2017

- Grandville Modular Standard Features

- Grandville HUD Standard Features


Aurora Classic 2017

- Aurora Classic Modular Standard Features

- Aurora Classic HUD Standard Features


Options 2017


Decor Selection 2017


The Commodore Difference


Evermore Custom Cabinetry


Appliance Selections 2017


Lux Floor


Modular Homes compared to On-Site Built Homes


Built-Ins Component Guide


Attached Garage (HUD Approved)


Universal Lifestyle for accessible living

We build and ship to your site


Get a home of your own design today!

Have a vision of your own home? Let Commodore build it for you!

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